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Friday, August 12, 2011

Minecraft VS. Sims 3


Today, I will compare 2 awsome games which are Minecraft and The Sims 3 based on their graphics and mainly on gameplay

First is Graphics(just an FYI if you don't know how Minecraft or Sims 3 look like):



Well...... I guess its already obvious that Sims' 3 graphics(textures) is better than Minecraft's. But I would like to say that for me, minecraft may have the best lighting in for a 3d 4 bit game(you may disagree with me) becuase it has different layers or light(example below). I'm not saying minecraft's lighting is better than sims3's but that what is one of the speciality of Minecraft that give it's wow factor. Same with minecraft, Sims 3 also has good lighting, you need to put a lot of windows or artificial lights in a house so it will be lighted up good depending on the time(day or night)

Lighting of Minecraft Lighting of Sims 3

Hopefully now you know how lighting can be a very important role in the graphics of a game

Now Lets talk about their gameplay:

One of the reasons why Minecraft is such an awsome game is because of it's simplicity. If you still don't know what minecraft is, it is a sandbox where you can break literally anything to get materials. And you can use these materials for building structures or for making equipment(like swords and pickaxes). When you first start Minecraft, you will spawn to a random deserted(no other humans) area with nothing in your inventory. Your objective is to simply survive. To survive, you will need materials like getting from trees and stones from...stones ;). When you acquire materials like wood, stones and sand blocks, you can stack them like lego blocks so you could make your own house. Another way to survive is to combine materials so you could make equipment. For example, you need coal and sticks to make torches but you need wood to make sticks and you need to dig so you can get coal.If you want to make leather armor, you need to combine leather from cows. If you are a pussy like me, minecraft can sometimes be a scary game because once night approaches, that is when all the monsters come out and that is why you need a house or at least an underground shelter and A LOT of torches so you can avoid them. You can also find these monsters in dark underground areas. But if you don't monsters in your minecraft world, you could always change the difficulties to peaceful so you can building without the fear of monsters killing you from behind..

TO BE CONTINUED...........

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